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Global Warming Impacting Fishing Across The USA

Pollution Causing Changes in Streams, Rivers, and Lakes in the USA at

Most fishermen don't realize the impact of Global Warming on streams, rivers, lakes and marine waters across the USA.  Of course, many don't believe in it but that's ok.  Because Global Warming like Evolution occurs whether you believe in it or not.  Increases in water temperature, more bright days, and more inputs from the biochemical soups from our air, water and land has caused a massive amount of damage in the form of algal blooms, higher bacterial rates, fish disease, and changes in the macroinvertebrate communities.  Fly anglers are quick to point out that the fly hatches have diminished and the emergence patterns are way out of whack from what they have come to expect. Invasive species are starting to show up in waters they weren't found before due to the increase temperatures of our waters and changes in biogeochemistry.  The changes are causing economic problems for guides, shops and the fishing industry.  We will have more on this in the next few months.

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